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Tales Of A Sea Cow
Hospital Club-London
November 2015
SYNOPSIS: Tales of a Sea Cow is a film by Etienne de France describing how a team of scientists has achieved the first ever decoding of animal communication; for the first time in history, they translated the song of a marine mammal - the Steller’s sea cow-, a species, which was until now thought extinct since 1768, until its rediscovery in 2007, along the coasts of Greenland.

Screening followed by a panel of discussion.

Facilitator: Karina El Helou (STUDIOCUR/ART)

Panel: Etienne de France (visual artist and filmmaker), Shailendra Mudgal (Consultant) Dr Anna Dempster (Head of Academic Program at the Royal Academy of Art) Dr Ellinor Michel ( evolutionary biology, Natural History Museum, London)
Designed by Celine Harik | Developed by Alexi Abou Sleiman