association loi 1901 | non-profit organisation
Paris Internationale
Art Fair
October 2021
Solo show of Alexandra Paperno
Alexandra Paperno explores in these works spaces of representation, of imaginary, sometimes the obsolete as in the Abolished Constellations series or the pictorial spaces as the canvas in the video from the Drawing Lesson series. The different ‘spaces’ reflect on the need to ‘represent’ our world, to ‘name’, classify and study our universe, as a human common trait. Paperno is working with situations where culture and civilisation have suddenly been transformed into an arbitrary set of strange rules and codes whose meaning has since been lost. The figure of the Artist and his need to create images of representation are put against the figure of the Scientist (astronomer) who shares the same need to study the universe, classify its elements and create inventories which eventually evolve to becoming obsolete and then are condemned to being revived in museums.
Designed by Celine Harik | Developed by Alexi Abou Sleiman