association loi 1901 | non-profit organisation
The Silent Echo Curated by Karina El Helou
and co-organised with Diane Abela
Ai Weiwei, Susan Hiller, Ziad Antar, Marwan Rechmaoui, Danica Dakic, Paola Yacoub, Theo Mercier, Laurent Grasso, Cynthia Zaven​.

Space Layout and Production: Antoine Maalouf Architects.
Founded by Karina El Helou a Franco-lebanese curator, STUDIOCUR/ART is based in Paris and operates as a non-profit curatorial platform specialised in contemporary art.

STUDIOCUR/ART aims to work with both young and established artists researching and developing a contemporary language on subjects including, but not limited to, nature, sound, archeology and time.

The platform has a keen interest in bringing contemporary art to heritage buildings and uncommon spaces, moving from the whitecube experience.It also develops its interdisciplinary approach by inviting academics and artists to meet and exchange, encouraging different thought processes in non-institutional spaces.

What is important to STUDIOCUR/ART, is to offer freedom for creative thought to unfold without restraint or fear.

The platform collaborates with curators and organises three exhibitions per year internationally in public and private spaces.
  • The Silent Echo
    Lebanon - September 2016
  • Archaeology, Iconoclasm and Obsolete Past
    Lebanon - September 2016
  • A City Without A Song
    United Kingdom - February 2016
  • Tales Of A Sea Cow
    United Kingdom - November 2015
  • Verto
    France - October 2015
  • Supernova
    Italy - April 2015
  • Rise
    Italy - April 2014
    coming soon
coming soon
Stephane Blumer: Hacking, Anthropology and Art
Selected Interviews - Stephane Blumer: Hacking, Anthropology and Art
Stephane Blumer
visual artist and Phd student
- May 2017 -
Designed by Celine Harik | Developed by Alexi Abou Sleiman